Meet Jesse

Hello I am Jesse Fernandez and I am a professional race driver and motivational speaker from Parker, Colorado. I am really passionate about sharing what I have done in my racing career, with my story of overcoming adversity, to young people who want to follow their dreams like me.

Many people who see me now going for Sprint Car and Midget racing state championships and even bigger things nationally with USAC – would never believe that I came from a single parent home raised by all girls! I am proud of the fact that I was instrumental in helping my hard working mom raise my sisters and me by herself. My focus when I speak to youth is they can learn how my story is much like theirs and be inspired to know, if I can do it, they can do it.

As a matter of fact I have a nickname “ezbreezy” – which I am taking to the next level as a campaign for anyone who wants to shake off the struggles of life and look at it with an “ezbreezy” attitude.

I currently race Lightning Sprints with the Rocky Mountain Lightning Sprint Association (RMLSA) and Midgets with the Rocky Mountain Midget Racing Association (RMMRA).

This year I intend to win Rookie of the Year with the RMMRA and win a Season Championship with the RMLSA.

My future plans are to then race 305 Sprint cars on a national circuit as well as making my debut at the televised 2017 Chili Bowl Nationals. Then stepping up to USAC (United States Auto Club) non wing race series more on a national level.

My goal and dream is to be a positive influence on all youth and anyone who is struggling with adversity but has big dreams and goals. If my story can change a person’s life, that feeling would overshadow any championship I could win on the race track.

I hope you will join me on my journey. You can follow me on twitter @ezbreezy19, FaceBook Jesse Fernandez Racing, Instagram @ezbreezy19 and my website or just type in the #ezbreezy or #ezbreezyracing and you will find me!
Thank you everyone for your support!