My Story

In life you, come across situations where you’re either forced to “Sink or Swim” or where you’re “Thrown to the Wolves”. I am Jesse Fernandez, a 26 year old motivated and emotionally driven Race Car Driver. I currently race Lightning Sprints and this year (2016) I will be competing in the Midget division.

I’ve been able to experience many difficult and adverse situations within my life and they have all developed me into the Underdog Achieving individual I am today. I believe the word Adversity explains my life. Being that 2014 was my inaugural racing season with the Lightning Sprints, I was able to overcome a great amount of adversity to win the “Rookie of the Year” award. From blowing motors to having faulty parts, preventing me from finishing races. Each one of those situations gave me the option to either quit, or smile in the face of adversity and overcome the challenge. I wouldn’t stand here today, smiling if I would have taken the easy way out.

These traits were instilled into me as a young man growing up with a single mother and my three younger sisters. My mom would face tough life decisions on what to sacrifice for herself to provide for us. She would be sure not to quit and do everything 110% to be sure to make us have the best quality of life. She showed that with hard work, sacrifice and dedication that we can overcome any obstacle in life. This has been the driving force for me. As you grow up you are oblivious to these events until they mirror your own life. Then you are given the option to either; sink, and let it pass you by, or swim, and go get what you are aiming for. I apply these traits to my racing and my everyday life. I may not have the best equipment and the strongest motor but I have the dedication and emotional drive to overcome these challenges and thrive in the face of adversity. This is what drives me to becoming a better person and role model for my sisters and young people across the nation. I want to show that with desire, emotion and sacrifice that there are no limits to what can be achieved. This has brought me to want to give everything I can to becoming successful to show that everything my mother sacrificed for, was worth it. My sisters are to the age where they need to have a positive leader figure in their lives. I will be the driving force that motivates them to reach for the stars and shows that anything you put your heart and soul into, will be achieved. Some people will beat you down on the way to the top but how you handle the adversity shows true character.

I have made the decision to become a leader to show that you can rise through the pack and motivate others to do so as well. For the last few years I have had a nickname “ezbreezy”. I decided to create a theme and motivational meaning behind this nickname (which is taken from the “ez” in my last name of Fernandez). Now it will become a hashtag #ezbreezy to show that throughout life you will be put into situations that will challenge you but with an “ezbreezy” attitude you can overcome any adverse situation.

This year I will be contending for the “Rookie of the Year” award for the Midget division and the “Season Championship” for the Lightning Sprints. I know the year will have its moments of adversity and challenges but with the desire and emotion of being a leader, I will overcome these challenges and will rise a winner. These are the images and dreams I want to instill into young fans and my sisters. When you’re thrown to the wolves, do you become their meal or the pack leader?